JSLP ’14 has arrived in Jamaica!! (Week 1)

Greeting again to all my lovely readers!!

Its me again.. Laury!!! (For those that do not know me.. feel free to read my 1st post that  has a  little bit of info about me)

Sorry for not blogging on Friday, I got sidetracked with all the work and activities that I have embarked on. Promise not to let that happen again. But any whoo how has everyone been??  Hope all is well in the states!!

Okay now that the greetings are all out of the way… Lets cut to the chase. First thing I must say is I LOVE JAMAICA!!! Despite the desert like weather, man-eating mosquitoes and never-ending thirst for water, Jamaica is by far a wonderful and breathtaking place to be. Ever since I landed in Jamaica the sights, the smells and the people are just a sight to behold. Upon our arrival we have been living at Rex Nettle-Ford at the University of the West Indies- Mona campus. Our hall is very cozy and big. The residential living that is here, is very much different from our own New Paltz campus. The residential suites are literally full apartments that have individual rooms to them. The quad in which we live in has a beautiful view of the Blue mountains that surrounds  all of Jamaica and the Mona campus. The morning and evening breezes are to die for.I just wish you were here to experience what I am talking about.

DSCN0207 Fresh off the plane!DSCN0226We are here!!

So far we have taken a tour of our lovely campus in which we will reside in for a month. I have visited Devon House (which has the best Ice Scream that I have tasted thus far). Then we visited about 4 different local super markets that has been a experience on their own. Riding through the streets of Kingston has been a roller coaster that is both exciting and terrifying all the the same time!!JSLP 2014 Day 1 and 2 190 Campus tours 2014-06-03 17.43.47 Ice Scream for Devon House Cream!!

The locals students that attend UWI have been very helpful in helping my classmates and me get acclimated to the new environment that we are in. Our Professor (Dr. LaTasha Brown) is going an excellent job in keeping our minds and bodies busy. Meeting and visiting new people and places has helped a lot in bridging the two cultures that I encounter. At Alpha Boys (which is the school where most of our daily hours are spent) we tutor and engage the young alpha boys in communal games and team building activities that are really fun!! These young men are a delight to be around and I just can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next 3 weeks. I am soo ready for the adventures that are in store for us!!

DSCN0236 Professor Brown!! DSCN0230 Campus tour bus!!DSCN0237    Stefany and I pinpointing where we come from on the island of Hispaniola.  Haiti (left) and Dominican Republic (Right).

DSCN0250 Visiting Port Royal!! Wonderful Historical place to be.




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