First Week in Prague

Today I officially have been in Prague for eight days. I honestly did not think I was going to make it through the first week. I was hit by such an overwhelming amount of homesickness. I spent hours talking to my parents on Skype and cried for four days straight. I was worried that people did not like me, and repeatedly told my parents that I wanted to come home. I got angry with them for pushing me to study abroad, telling them I was not ready for such an experience. I am extremely close to my family, and I believe this is the main reason I was having such a hard time. I kept telling myself over and over again that there was no way I could make it through this trip, and enviously watched the other students in my group enjoy themselves.

Then a funny thing happened. Eventually I got better. I confided in my suite mate and her boyfriend about the tough time I was having, and they provided support, and listened to me vent. Classes started Monday, allowing me to settle into a routine. I made fun plans with friends throughout the week such as meeting up for dinner, and going to the John Lennon Wall. Before I knew it, I went a full four days without crying. I started to realize that right now I am more fortunate then a majority of people just by having the opportunity to study abroad, and tried not to stress out about the little things. Sure it is annoying when the laundry does not want to work properly or the fact that my internet barely works. Of course it is hard being away from family and friends. Yes it is rough trying to adjust to a new country, especially when the jet lag is lingering. However, I am in the Prague, Czech Republic, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I am fortunate enough to be able to go to school here for a month and experience an entirely new culture. Tomorrow I travel to Berlin, Germany with some friends from my program. Not everyone has the opportunity to have such amazing experiences. However, I do and I am learning to make the most of them.

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