New York

My 10 am train glides through the french countryside, speeding through farms, cities and expansive fields. My gaze catches glimpses of a blurred world where only in an instant everything is clear. I breathe deeply and think of how I will soon be landing at the JFk airport and it’ll be as though I had never left New York.

For my last month in France I felt a longing to be home. In the same instant, as I finally made my way through customs to board my 9 hour flight, I sensed a deep appreciation for the world I merged with and knew that by leaving this place I would grow to love it even more.

Traveling abroad was one of the most life enriching choices, propelling me to further analyze what it means to live in the awareness of now while addressing the mortality of ones memories. Back in my hometown, I feel my past experiences blending into the moment. It’ll take a few times of saying “oui” and “merci” before I begin to say “yes” and “thank you”.

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