Leaflets and blades of grass catch the morning frost, holding it as a sign of winter and new holiday wonder. Each season here leaves its mark on the town where decades of tradition perspire down each street.

With only 7 days left abroad, I spent my Saturday letting the cold encase my hands and ears as I walked through the city center. From the start, I had the intent to sit down with a giant cup of hot chocolate and some pastries, letting the sweet warmth loosen my body from the frigid weather.


Each gulp rushed through me, dilating my pupils and pulling me further down into my chair. With a deep inhale my mind knew that this feeling wouldn’t have been possible without the cold. Experience makes us more keen to understanding each moment – appreciating life and the process of sensations.¬†As I wandered back into the winter day, my mind was in a haze of sugar induced lull.

I was walking towards the bus stop as I saw my line leave and because of a bus strike this weekend the public transport is sparse – which left me stranded for 45 minutes. I was more than lucky to be left behind or else I would have missed a wonderful musical street performance…

P1010209 P1010210


…and some more winter market fun

P1010204 P1010206 P1010208 P1010218


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