Une Semaine

Sleep deprived and hungry, we finally arrived at the train station after about a twenty-four hour excursion from the States, to Paris, to Besançon.  With broken French we moved our way through a three hour train delay. Stairs clanked as tired arms pulled and pushed bags through foreign chatter.

Now having spent a week here, I’ve been able to explore the place that I’ve worked so hard to travel to. The city is a beautiful collection of Roman and Spanish influenced architecture. Cobble stone streets weave their way through centre ville, where cafés and shops greet citizens and wanderers. You can see that each building has its history.


(The view from my window)

Though upon arrival it was sunny and hot, I’ve discovered it rains quite often. The weather quickly turns, and you would be wise to always have a raincoat or an umbrella. So when one of my friends left her umbrella on the bus, she quickly ran to buy another one, only to leave that one on a bus again… ah, c’est la vie.

Since settling in I’ve been able to visit the Citadel, an enormous Military construct now turned into a Museum and festival gathering location. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citadel_of_Besan%C3%A7on)

There’s art, a zoo, an aquarium, a world war two museum, a bug and arachnid building, and an eatery (for those who are famished from the hike up). The view is amazing. Describing it doesn’t do it any justice. So I’ll show you!

P1000366 P1000367 P1000380 P1000379




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