Surfacing now, my once subdued anxiousness and excitement pull me from my bed. Left, right, rollover. Again until I find something comfortable. My mind is too awake to sleep.

Tonight I catch a seven hour flight to France. I still have to pack my suitcase and tie some lose ends; I always get it done. The emotional surge is brought about by the realization of time, that soon I’ll be somewhere entirely new. It’s a faint feeling that I’ve worked on taming these past few weeks. Through all the questions of “Are you excited?” and “It’s almost here! How do you feel?”, my response has been “Enjoying the moment, I’ll be entranced once I’m on the plane.”

That’s how I want it to be though. If I spent my time thinking about the future, I wouldn’t have anything left for the present. Despite this, today is a big exception.

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