Before the Adventure

June 1, 2013

Making the decision to go to Ecuador was not only time consuming, but it was a choice that I knew was going to change my life. During the past few weeks, I have been back and forth about my decision to go to Ecuador.  The reality of the trip seems unbearable to comprehend. I constantly need to remind myself that this trip is going to be beneficial towards my future career as a teacher and also that I am going to grow from the experiences that I am going to have. I have traveled before, but never like this. The amount of culture shock is not going to be as dramatic as is the time away from home. There have been times when I have really regretted this decision, but normally it happened during the late hours of the night. Key note: Do not think about your trip during the night time because your mind wanders, especially the possible negative aspects of your trip!

One of the main reasons that I have decided to take on this incredible adventure is the teaching aspect of the trip. It was the main reason that lured me into signing up. I am an Elementary Education major with a concentration in Spanish and I have a minor in Psychology, so this is going to be so very helpful.  I am extremely looking forward to teaching students, becoming their teacher, taking what I will learn and carry it with me throughout my future career as a teacher in New York, or wherever I may be when I get a job. I am curious to see the differences between the cultures, and the ways of teaching in the classroom as well as the curriculum. I am almost positive that if I am going to be teaching, I am going to be working with the English department of the school that I am assigned too. I hope that is actually what is going to happen. Otherwise I am assuming that I will be happy any placement.

The idea of leaving home for such a long time is the only thing that is holding me back from being 100 percent excited. The rest of the feelings are filled with curiosity and a strong drive to succeed this new challenge!

Jessica, a senior majoring in Elementary Education with a concentration in Spanish, is really looking forward to teaching students at a school in Guayaquil.

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