So let me catch up on the past month that I’ve been here.

Arriving in the UK was really exciting and overwhelming. I wanted to explore immediately. To meet people and see new places. I spent my first couple days tired and jet-lagged while attempting to experience everything. A word of advice: don’t do too much too fast. You have 5 whole months to explore! If you don’t slow down, you might¬†end up sick and in the hospital waiting room in the first week like me.

Besides feeling terribly ill for my first week, the UK has been great! I’ve had a lot of opportunities to visit different cities and see all the sights. So far I’ve been to Windsor, Canterbury, Oxford, and all around central London. I’m taking a class called British Life and Culture which had given me a lot of great opportunities to meet other international students and go on some really interesting tours.

I’m really glad that I chose to study at Kingston. It’s really fast and easy to get to central London. London is a great city if you’re interested in fashion, music, art, sports, food; anything really. Camden market is great for shopping on a nice warm day, there are so many people just playing music on the streets, many of the museums like the Tate Modern are free or discounted for students, and walking along the Thames there’s tons of cafes and street vendors selling great food.

Attached are pictures from Central London. Pictures and details from my other trips to be posted soon!


Me by the Tower Bridge


skate spot along the Thames River


Carousel by the London Eye


Street Performers


St. Paul’s Catherdral

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