Thanksgiving in Ireland!

Since we couldn’t me home for Thanksgiving my other American friend and I brought Thanksgiving to Ireland!
It actually wonderful! We found a live-stream of the Thanksgiving Day Parade along with a copy Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. We had all of our friends over to watch with us while we cooked. Of course though once those were over the t.v. was taken over my Call Of Duty, which is actually what happens with my family back home on the holidays anyway, so it made it feel like a real Thanksgiving.
We cooked the entire meal with the help of one of the Irish girls that lives in our village. I even made the turkey, and I’m a girl who could barely make a turkey sandwhich before I got here late alone cook an entire turkey dinner! But we did it and it was actually really good! I mean it didn’t compare to the meal my Nana makes but I was proud of it. Of course there were some bumps in the road, lack the fact that we had to take all the gross stuff out of the turkey or when we forgot to put water in with the potatoes and burned the pot or when the whole tray of sweet potatoes mysteriously went missing ( we still have not found them) but overall it was a great Thanksgiving.
And after the meal one of our friends had a boxing match, so we all went together to see that. He won the match and we think its directly related to the wonderful meal he had before hand.
Our little Thanksgiving was exactly what I needed because I am finally starting to feel homesick. With it being a holiday, all I wanted was to be home spending it with my friends and family so the fact that I couldn’t do that made me rather upset. But our friends really enjoyed the meal and made it a Thanksgiving I will never forget. its nice to know that I have a little family here to celebrate with when I can’t be home with mine.

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