London trip!

This past weekend I went to London with one of my American friends and it was beyond amazing! We got there early Friday morning around 7. We planned to tours for the trip the first was a Harry Potter tour on Friday and the second was a hop-on hop-off bus tour on one of the iconic double-Decker red buses.

The Harry Potter tour was so cool. Not only did it take us to various parts of London that either was inspiration for the books but it took us to places where the movies were actually filmed. In addition, we got to see a lot of London that was not related to the series. I am a huge Harry Potter fan so this tour was a must for me, and it was well worth it. Sadly though, I have almost no pictures to show from my trip due to incident with my camera and the toilet. Opps.
After the Harry Potter tour we had about 6 hours until we planned on going back to our hostel so we navigated the city on our own. I am actually rather proud of us for being able to get around on our own. We only got lost once, so it was a big accomplishment. London is huge though, it was like being in New York City, we had to take the underground several times to visit everything we wanted to see. My favorite part of the whole day on Friday was probably the London Eye. Although I have a huge fear of Ferris wheels I forced myself to go on it and it was one fo the coolest things I have ever seen. You could see the entire city, and all the major landmarks. It was so different from anything I have ever done. I loved it!
On Saturday, we did all the tourist things. We visited Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The London Bridge. The Tower Bridge. and so on. It actually took y breathe away at some point looking at all of these iconic buildings. It was a total pinch me moment. I simply could not believe I was in London. I had dreamed about going to London since I was a little girl so it really was a dream come true.
We spent the rest of the weekend at the other American’s friend’s school. It was nice to get to hangout with students from Britain. They showed us around the town they were staying in and made us proper English tea. Overall, I loved being in Britain for the weekend. It was defiantly one of the big highlights from my trip so far.

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