Less than One Week!

I know I’m super late on this, but I have been really busy with work, babysitting and getting ready to leave. Anyway, I leave for Limerick, Ireland, next Tuesday afternoon. All summer I was nothing but excited but now that it is so close I am beyond nervous. It’s not really the flight that I am nervous about, I’ve flown close to 20 times since I was 4, but the entire trip in general. The whole idea of leaving leaves me with anxiety.

Now, I know I am lucky to be studying aboard with a close friend, and thinking about that does calm my nerves a bit. One of suite-mates from last school year is accompanying me to Limerick and we have been preparing all summer. Michelle and I get along really well, so I know she will be able to bring me back to reality whenever I freak out. Unfortunately,I will be staying in Plassey Village and she is in Kilmurry Village, which are on opposites sides of a rather large campus. Although we won’t be together, I know that we will still see each other often. Knowing I have someone that I am so close with there with me is simply a great feeling.

Honestly, the only think that upsets me about leaving is leaving my family. Because I go to New Paltz, I am already used to leaving, seeing as New Paltz is over six hours by car, from my hometown of Buffalo. And leaving last year actually brought my friends and I closer, so I am not too worried about leaving my friends, it’s just my family that bothers me. Two weeks ago my whole life came to immediate stop when I was told that my Grandpa, “Pa”, had cancer. My Pa’s cancer came out of nowhere and has devastated my entire family. My entire life I have been very close to my Grandparents. Whenever I had trouble at home I went over to my Grandparent’s house, practically living there in 8th and 9th grade. So to find out such news really crushed me. I am nervous that someone will happen to my Pa while I am in Ireland, and I will not be able to come home. The thought that I could be missing his last months, terrifies me. I’m trying to stay positive though, because he has already started Chemotherapy, and his chances of beating this are high.

Anyway, I have finished packing for the most part. I still have to pack my carry on and make sure I have all my papers together, but overall I’m set. I’m kind of confused on how picking classes works, but I’m sure I will figure it out. I know this is going to be a once in a lifetime experience so I need to push my nerves aside and focus on how amazing this will be!

–Allie 🙂

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