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The much anticipated final blog has arrived, although it does not excite me to say I have been away from Buenos Aires for about 3 weeks now I must admit it is nice to finally be home with the people I love. It should be said that when arriving back to your home country you will feel various emotions coming at you at once and having do deal with these emotions requires patience. Having to say goodbye to new friends, taking your last pictures of all the places you once couldn’t imagine falling in love with and taking your last steps in a country you made your home will not be easy but it will be lovely. Having been home for about 2 weeks and having to travel to another country once again, made my coming home much easier but now that the traveling has ended I find myself melancholy about my past semester and how having to go back to New Paltz will be more difficult than I had anticipated. Reality strikes that I have been away for sometime and I will have to re adjust to the small town of New Paltz, although I am nervous my excitement to go back is not far behind.  So here is to my Senior year as a college Undergrad and thanking you all for following me on this wonderful, amazing, life changing journey.

Also, always remember to be patient – academically things may not always be on your side but do not panic if you are placed in Academic Probation after coming back from a semester abroad, you are one of several students and sometimes the system does not see that. So if things go wrong when you get back just remember to remain patient and work things out slowly and they will get better before you know it.

Thank You all,

Your settled traveler Vera

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