To Finals week and Staying Positive !

So I’ve noticed I have not keep my promise of making my blogs short and sweet, so, this one will be.

Today begins the last week of classes, which means its finals week. Dealing with papers and exams is not the most exciting thing, but knowing I’m almsot wrapping up my Junior year to become a senior- is. I guess I should mention how difficult it is to juggle traveling, six classes, expenses and relationships, which it really is, but if you ever study abroad always remind yourself that YOU come first. As stressing as it may be to juggle all of these things, always remind yourself, YOU decided to travel abroad and learn – not only about the world but about yourself. NO matter the hardships, the beauty of it all, remember that this moment is what counts- if you failed an exam at least you’ll be able to tell other ” Hey I failed an exam [insert country here], have you done that lately?” or even better if you pass, but all in all – it is you who is abroad. Not your friends, family┬ámembers, certain loved ones, it is you and you should embrace every moment of it and enjoy !!

ON that note, I will be posting a blog soon enough about my wonderful trip to the southern side of Argentina in Patagonia, Calafate and my soon to come adventure to Mar del Plata. ­čÖé


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