Partials, Iguazu Falls and Lujan Zoo.

Unlike the other post the title is straight forward, probably except the word partials which is translated from the word “parciales” which are midterms.

After a month of midterms, yes a month, I am able to sit down without worrying about cramming Art & Architecture, The Process of Political and Social changes in Latin America, Latin American Migrations or Comparative Revolutions in the Americas into my head. What a relief ! but as always – no pain , no gain. Maybe thats more of a physical situation and not mental. Having to study for so many exams caused a ton of late night study sessions and mild break downs. Studying in country is difficult for many reason ranging from the language to the University itself. Coming from New Paltz where professors would emphasize their office hours for extra help to traveling to a country where you only see your professor once a week  and emails being sent always bounce back because it is no longer in use- is hard. Having been here for 3 months I am  still getting adjusted to the immense amount of reading and information being given to me every week. Although studies are difficult to deal with at times, I have come to understand that they come first but it never stops me from trying to have a good time and traveling to new places.

Two weeks ago I had the amazing experience to travel to the Iguazu Waterfalls which are truly marvelous. Staying in the small town of Misiones which consisted of small stores, cafes and friendly people and living in a hostel for 3 nights. Misiones was a wonderful place where I found myself walking around for the most part embracing the quietness and beauty of the wonderful town. A few nights consisted of getting to know a few of other students who had travelled with the group I was with, which was nice with all the games and get togethers that were taking place. When the day had arrived where we would travel to the Waterfalls, I was ecstatic. Once there we walked around the National Park from waterfall to waterfall and seeing the wild animals. While there I had the chance to ride a boat where they would drive us under one of the waterfalls, where I had to hold my friends hand to not be scared and embrace the greatest moment I would have. The day after the waterfalls, a small group which was not able to travel to the other side of the waterfalls had a small excursion to another side of the town of Misiones. Being a part of this  group I had the chance to repel of a rock wall, a small hike and Zip Line through the Rainforest of Misiones. This was absolutely a great experience. On my way back to Buenos Aires we made a stop to visit the Jesuites Ruines which were were nice to have seen in person after learning about them in class.

Just yesterday I finally had the adventure I’ve been waiting for, I traveled to Lujan – about an hour aways from Buenos Aires, to the Lujan Zoo. Although the day was a bit dim, my time spent there will truly be unforgettable. As I walked into the zoo I decided to by some food for the animals I would be able to feed, which I was excited to do until the ducks attacked me for it. After the ducks attacked, I moved onto the play with some cute little bunnies and to feed a donkey and some rams who bit my tumb because they were so hungry. I also had the chance to ride a camel  for a little while and went  fed some camels who were elsewhere, which I was unfortunately bitten by. Unbeknownst to me one camel kept an eye out for my hand and when I moved on to pet other camel it grabbed my hand and held onto to it for dear life thinking it was food, until I had the chance to ripped my hand out of its mouth- the end result was luckily just a bruised sore hand and a story to tell. After the incident, I proceded to pet some lions and tigers who were hungry -so they just kept running around the entire time. Overall, my time at the Lujan Zoo- although painful, was worth it and fun.

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