So my “Spring Break” is over but it wasn’t as fun as I hoped it to be. First I don’t know why everyone considers it a spring break because I still had classes, review sessions and exams during the time period. I also decided to stay during my break because I found a job. After I worked there for two weeks I got to work and there was a sign on the door stating” This Property has been seized by the leasing agent for not following the terms of the lease. If anyone tries to enter this property without direct supervision of someone from the leasing agency they will be arrested and charged with trespassing”. AKA They didn’t pay the rent so the place got closed. Not only did I not have a job the owner owed me 400 dollars and he nor his wife is answering any employee calls. I not only did not get paid but I gave up traveling for spring break. I did how ever go kayaking in the Sydney Harbor, and spent time with friends, which was fun. I am currently in the process of getting another job in Moore Park as waiter. It is a high class restaurant and since I haven’t really done any waiting  before It will be hard to keep the job. But I’m sure I will be able to manage. I only have two months before I go back to the states so I have to appreciate the rest of my time here! Check out the photos that I took on the way to Kayaking!

My name is Andre Candido, I am 19 years old and I am studying Electrical Engineering and Math at SUNY New Paltz.

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