Marruecos (the Spanish name for Morocco) was my most recent trip. I went for a weekend with a few friends in a big tourist group called Discover Sevilla. The trip was fantastic!! It was like an entirely different world over there. We stayed in Tangiers and visited Tetuan and Chefchauen. All three cities were very different. Chefchauen was in the mountains, built on a hill. All of the buildings were painted white and blue, symbolizing love for Allah. Tetuan seemed a little bigger. It was filled with tunnels under residential buildings, which were like tiny streets.

The food in Morocco was delicious. Couscous is a way of life there, I guess like pasta is for Italy. I actually didn’t like couscous until this trip so it was clearly the best.

Overall the trip was beautiful, despite the unfortunate amount of rain, and an experience to remember!


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