“Esohippy!” We learned that phrase for saying “hey!” to a friend. The real Sevillano lingo!

I can’t believe we’ve already been here for a month and a half. Midterms are coming up this week, so we’re all starting to feel a little stressed. On the other hand, the weather is only getting more beautiful by the day. We’ve had one day of “rain” which consisted of a light drizzle and cloudy skies. It was really awful, unbearable to say the least.

Tomorrow I’ll be going horseback riding through the nearby national park Doñana, and then riding along the beach on the Atlantic cost. I’m really excited to explore beyond the city. Being with a little nature could be a nice getaway just for a day. Plus I’ve never been horseback riding! It should be a lot of fun.

We’ve been without internet in our building for a few days so I haven’t been able to post. But last week on Friday we had a tour of Plaza España and a bit of Maria Luisa Park. Plaza España is a large circular building with mosaics representing every Spanish city. Maria Luisa Park is absolutely gorgeous. It’s full of little gardens and has lots of large, beautiful trees. I want to go back on a nicer day and explore the park for myself.

Here are some photos of our tour!

(And if you recognize Plaza España, it’s probably because it’s in a few movies, including Star Wars! Cool right?)


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