One for three for 24.

Explanation of the title- 1 day left for 3 connecting flights which will last about a day (24hrs) to get to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Yes! 3 connecting flights that will take  me to a land of pure bliss, the weather here in NJ is sunny and 45 but feels like 39 while in Buenos Aires it is 77 and feels like — well 77 !. I’m pretty excited about leaving the cold weather into warm wonderful sunny weather.

Well, as I prepare to leave I will continue my packing later on today making sure I leave nothing behind and prepare all I need for Thursday afternoon when I leave to the airport. All I can say is I’m both excited and nervous, it’s a new experience having to travel on my own but at the same time I know it’ll be great one, being able to make my own decisions, at my own pace, enjoying my own time and being able to grow, it’ll be great.

For anyone who’s wondering this blog will keep all readers up to date about my life abroad and both the trials and tribulations of  studying abroad, the beauty, the ugly, the fun, the sad, the crazy fun filled days as well as the lows, and everything in between. Considering I am one who runs away from long readings I will keep most blogs short, sweet and simple.

I hope you all enjoy. <3



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