“It’s summer here and winter over there, it’s always opposite” Angelica

After a full 24hrs of pure traveling, I arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina at 6pm, which is 4pm US time.

I am currently staying in the place of my home stay family’s friend, her name is Angelica and she is a sweetheart. So I will not be moving into my real home until this Monday. It’s a nice small room with a bathroom inside of it, which might I mention both the toilet and the shower are in the same room- pretty cool.

As the title mentions, it’s summer over here and the weather is quite lovely with a 77 degrees which is 26 Celsius. The time, distance and the weather here are diffrerent from what I’m use to, the time runs in 24hrs, the distance in kilometers and the weather is in celsius. The current time is 17:06pm which is 5 pm but really it’s 3pm over there- much to get use to, but I’m getting the hang of things.

So for now I leave you with this, always better to over pack then underpack. This is my motto until I get rid of some clothes considering my luggage was 13lbs over weight and I have way too much clothes. Soon I will be posting a useful guide for travelers so they won’t be on the some boat as me.


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