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Since the past few days I have officially moved into my home stay with my parents Alicia and Pedro,  they are the sweetest. I now have my own room and no longer have to live out of my suitcase. Some advice; never expect anything. I was told I would have my own room but instead for the first two nights had to spend in a not so spacious room with someone I had not really known about, I great experience either way.

The neighborhood.

Today was my first day of orientation where much of the information was to re-fresh our memory, one of them being culture schock which they explained with such a good video. I put the link on here so you can enjoy it- it’s in spanish though but funny nonetheless.

Since my arrival I have been walking around the streets of Recoleta -which is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and getting to know it a bit more, it has been both a thrill and exhausting.

I’ve also come to learn a bit more of the lingo and dialect here in Buenos Aires and the difference between my spanish- that of central american dialect and the one here. Some examples :

cambio (change) – monedas

autobus (bus)- colectiva

tren (subway) – subte

brincar (jump) – saltar

soda (soda) – gaseosa o agua con gas

pagar ( pay) – abono

centro nocturno (club and bar) – boliche 

I’d like to think it’s a lesson in Spanish dialects, interesting right?



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