Pugey and Arguel

Sunday, April 3, I went to Pugey and Arguel (nearby towns) with the CLA. The day trip had the same idea as my day with a family in Nans-Sous-Sainte-Anne.

I’m not gonna write a lot about the day because I only have two weeks left in Besançon and I still need to write about the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Arcachon, Italy, and the end of my stay in Besançon. I can’t believe it’s basically already over!

This time, I was with Carrie: I felt a bit more comfortable because I was with another American (last time I was with a CLA student that I didn’t know). After we arrived, we had some coffee, tea, cookies, etc. Afterwards, we visited Pugey – the preschool and elementary school, the mayor’s “office,” a church, and a farm with cows, goats and…llamas (yes, llamas)! There are (as always) photos below of all that.

After eating, everyone joined up again to visit Arguel, another small village only a few minutes from Pugey. We hiked a little bit to visit another church and to find some amazing views of Besançon and of the two towns. It was another great day.

The classrooms
The school again
The world!
The church in Pugey

Llamas !
Ô la vache !
March of the goats
Another view (with the church)

Animal Planet
Pugey and Arguel
My family (…for the day)
More views of Pugey and Arguel

– Matt Lipinski

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