Le Tour du Monde en 80 Plats

So this is going to be a very short post. March 31 and April 1 in Besançon, there was the “Tour du Monde en 80 Plats” (tour of the world in 80 dishes). These nights are absolutely amazing and extraordinary. To simplify the idea of the two nights, students from more than 20 different countries all cook dishes from their own country. Afterwards, each country sells (not too expensive) these dishes to Besançon citizens, students, etc. There were more than 20 countries there, but there is no way I can remember each one. Every dish was incredibly delicious, but I think I like Venezuela, Iran and Thailand the best. I posted some photos below.

For example, there was:

Thailand, China, Taiwan, Libya, Madagascar, Japan, Venezuela, Romania, Russia, Iran, etc.

Venezeula – black beans, smoked chicken and beef with a small corn flour bread thing
One of the best beers of the night

Iran – rice with saffron, and other stuff I forgot; mixed with lentils and a yogurt and dill “sauce”

Thailand – chicken satay

You know how much I love Thai food; here’s some Thai students from the CLA

Welcoming in the hungry people

Amazing Cantonese rice

Venezuela – Yerba Matte

About two-thirds of the alcohol from the first night
Delicious…things from Syria

Fried sweet potatoes with a plum sauce from Taiwan
Japan girls dancing
Me with my pass for the night…this night I was named “Aína”

Chinese rice dish

– Matt Lipinski


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