Saturday, March 19, I went to Strasbourg with the CLA. We left from Besançon around 6h30. I was not whatsoever happy with the hour, especially since I had gotten 5 hours of post-St. Patrick’s Day sleep between Thursday and Friday. Luckily though, the bus stopped during the trip (about a 2.5 hr trip) so that everyone could get some coffee and breakfast.

I have no recollection of what time we arrived. It was ridiculously cold! After arriving and walking through town a bit, we took a boat ride to take a tour of the city – it was awesome! There were headphones at every seat with 16 frequencies to listen to the tour information in several languages – French, French for kids, English, English for kids, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, etc. I feel like I saw almost all of the town. The old buildings there are so cool, as are some of the newer ones.

Later on, we were “freed” for three hours to explore. I ate with Kirk in an Alsacien restaurant – I had an Alsacian dish with chicken, veal and mushrooms, all with a light cream sauce, on top of a bit of some cool bread. Deliciousness! Of course it was really expensive though…

Next, we visited the Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Strasbourg; I learned that it was the biggest building in the world between 1647 and 1874…that’s pretty badass if you ask me. The entrance is surrounded with tons of statue figures – there were a few that made me laugh a lot even though I don’t think that is exactly their intended purpose.

Very funny

The fourth guy is hilarious


Inside, it’s incredibly large and the architecture is beautiful. I uploaded a lot more photos of the interior on my Photobucket album (link at the end of the most) to better explain/show what it looked like. Unfortunately, I didn’t know while I was there that you can climb to the top of one of the big towers of the cathedral.

After that, we walked through the city for awhile; before we had to go back to Besançon, we went to another church, after having found the Hotel of the Dragon on the Street of the Dragon…too funny. The church was creepy inside! There were statues of demons, skeletons, etc. Furthermore, there is a huge statue in the back with a lion, a skeleton or demon and a bloody battle. Weird.

Finally, we returned to Besançon. Strasbourg was incredibly cool, even though I was freezing the entire time.

The rest of the photos of Strasbourg

– Matt Lipinski


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