Boston Reunion.

The four of us met in Boston over winter break.
Although we met up several other times throughout the 6 months since being home, Boston was the first BIG adventure.

It actually was lengthened by a day, too, because of a crazy blizzard- we all met up a day early.

Justine and Maggie live in the surroundings of Boston, so since they both came to CT and NY for my birthday and Marissa’s birthday- we figured it was time to reunite on their side of the states.

I picked up Marissa in CT, and we met Justine in her small town outside of Boston- where her lovely family hosted us. We spent that night and the next day snowed in, so we played tons of games, watched a lot of movies- and played in the snow. This extra day was my favorite, because it was just like old times, in Cardiff. Our friendships began casually, from just hanging out- so it was wonderful to do that again.

We met in Boston one week before our one year anniversary of arriving in Cardiff.
We have changed, but our friendships have only grown.
It’s so great to spend time with each other again and talk about how much studying abroad has changed our lives.


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