A Perfect Day

I went to Torquay today to surf in Victoria for the last time before I leave. It saddens me that I might not be back to Australia for five years. I think back five years ago…at this time I was halfway through freshman year. Now here I am. At Geelong station waiting for a train back to Melbourne after a daysurfing in Torquay; “the surfing capital”. I doubt I would have believed someone if they told me that five years ago. So I can’t imagine where I’ll be in another five years. I only know that it will be somewhere close to a beach (for surfing of course), preferably outside of the USA.

I bought a (used) copy of Tomorrow When the War Began at a market that was happening in Torquay. The book has writing in it and it’s a bit worn, but it’s readable and some of the writing is useful. I wanted a physical copy to loan to friends who are not yet ereader users. Once I’ve lent it to all my friends I might donate it to the SUNY New Paltz library.

I had an amazing day. There is nothing I would rather have done today than go surfing. It was the perfect way to spend my last weekend in Melbourne. I rode about 7-8 waves and nose dived a few times. It was more or less a downhill day. I rode the first wave I tried catching and it was one of my longest rides yet. I then caught a few more before the waves started getting fewer. I spoke with my Mum today and she said that it was getting very cold. I thought, sitting on my board watching the ocean for waves, that it was amazing that I was soaking up the sun surfing in December! While most of the people I know are probably wearing thick winter coats.

I got a picture of me with the surfboard I used that day and another with Mark in it. I rented my board and wet suit from Go Ride A Wave every time I went surfing at Torquay; Mark is the owner. He was friendly and supportive; and also gave great customer service. He’s another example of how awesome Australians are (talk about alliteration). If you are ever in Torquay and want to try surfing, find “Go Ride A Wave” and ask for Mark.
Tomorrow I am doing some Christmas shopping then I plan to meet up with Chris in the evening and plan my travel around Australia then we’re going to see a movie.

Finally, here’s a shout out to my mates at SUNY New Paltz: Kyle, Lisa, Torian, Danielle, and Lana. See you next month.

(Most of this post was written on my iPod)

Fluff: If you’re reading this, did you get the alliteration reference?

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