An update… finally

Sorry it’s been a while! Here’s what’s happened since I last wrote:

We didn’t wind up going to Castle Hill because it rained all weekend. We’re still trying to figure out a time to go, but with everyone getting increasingly busy as we get further into the school year, it’s hard to come up with a time that works for everyone. I also have a (not so) secret suspicion that the idea of walking five miles does not appeal to everyone enough to put in the little amount of effort it would take to just pick a day and go!

I’ve been having a lot of fun in the past few weeks. Having class only twice a week is pretty much just as awesome as I thought it would be, except that I have no motivation to do ANY schoolwork at all because going to class seems like an inconvenience when it’s not part of my daily life like it usually is!

On Friday, Kirsty and I went to Manchester with her aunt (who is only 30) and experienced the nightlife on Canal Street, which, to draw a parallel, is a smaller version of New York’s Village. We had a great time, and the next day, we went out with her family to a mall in Manchester called the Trafford’s Center. Every time any member of Kirsty’s family said it, I thought they were saying the “Traffic Center”. Accents are strange.

On Sunday, we went to Carnage, which it seems most Universities in the area have. Carnage is a giant pub crawl that it seems the entire student body participates in. It was so much fun seeing SO many people out having a great time.

Yesterday, Kirsty and I went to the Chester Zoo, which, despite the long journey and massive amount of money spent on travel, admission, and a new camera, was so much fun! The city of Chester is BEAUTIFUL. It had a definite college town vibe, but it was quite big, and felt (and was) very historic. There were a lot of churches and the buildings of University of Chester, which were scattered around the city, are what you might find on an ivy league campus. I’d love to spend more time there. We got dinner in Manchester on the way back to Huddersfield, and wandered around a lot. It was the third time I’ve been to Manchester, and I like it more and more each time I go.

What I’ve been really excited about recently is my trip to Paris and London with Sarah and Lauren! We’re leaving for Paris on Sunday, staying in a hostel until Wednesday, then flying to London, staying with a friend of Sarah for the night, then staying in a hostel until Monday. I’ve been to both Paris and London before, when I was 11, for the “family honeymoon” of my dad and stepmom. This will certainly be different, as I’ll be exploring the cities with friend my age, and will be old enough to really take the cultures in.

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