Tree Adventures

Today I tried to to go to Yarra National Park. I then decided to go to Dandenong National Park when I realised it wasn’t possible to get to Yarra easily by public transport. Once I got to Belgrave I went to the visitor’s centre to get directions. After making a phone call to make a reservation I changed my plans yet again. I was now going to do something I had wanted to do since I got here: Tree Adventures. This obstacle course in the trees is located at Glen Harrow Park in Belgrave.

After putting on a harness, gloves, and a hat I was given instructions on how the zip lines and safety lines worked. I then made my way up a ladder and got my first taste of the zip lines. I soared from one tree to another on a steel cable. I made my way through the second and third level courses; making my way through obstacles and across zip lines. The real adventure was level four. This was the most difficult and the highest. About halfway through I decided to stop and catch my breath and enjoy the view. I was 15 metres (45 feet) above the ground at this time. After a few more obstacles I got to the end: the biggest zip line. It was exhilarating soaring through the air, it was almost like flying; which is probably why I liked it so much. It was two of the most amazing hours of my life…which makes me wonder how surfing is going to feel. I have a meeting tomorrow morning with someone from RMIT’s Surf Club.

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