Kisschasy: LIVE!

I went to a live performance by Kisschasy this past weekend at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds. Kisschasy is an Australian band that originated in Melbourne. I have been listening to their music since before I arrived in Australia. They didn’t look like what I would have expected; they didn’t look like a rock band. Then again, I haven’t been to many concerts. I also didn’t expect to get so close to the stage. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and roamed around the showgrounds afterwards. There is something called “showbags” that are sold at the fair. Showbags are sample bags of related products. I still don’t understand it really; it was the first time I felt some culture shock. I paid $19 to get into the showgrounds which I would have thought expensive but it was a cheap price to pay for a live concert of an Australian band that I am a fan of.

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