Cognitive Psychology Test

I took my midterm exam today for my cognitive psychology test. I had a strange moment when the tutorial lecturer started talking about 10 minutes for reading. Apparently it’s customary to read over the exam first with “pens down” and then you actually start the test. I had another jolt when I saw a casual reference the the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the test. It made me think conciously that I’m in Australia taking a test. Sometimes it still feels surreal that I’m on the other side of the world. It’s going to feel so different when I’m back at New Paltz. I’m going to feel different than anyone else; I’ll probably seek out international students (especially Australians) more so that I did before I came here. I’ll want to find other people who can relate to what I’ve experienced studying abroad.

People told me that I would come back a different person. But I don’t think I realised how different that will be.

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