Why Wales? Entry #11: The Italian Adventure “Days 7&8”

Day 7  March 26, 2010

San Marino to Rome.  (2 becomes 4)

Day seven started out well planned, but many problems occurred. The plan was to get up at around 6:30, check out of the hotel by 7:20, get on the 8am bus back to Rimini for our train to Rome at 10:15.

The 8am bus to Rimini was the only bus that would get us there within the time frame, and provided a lot of extra time. The problem was that when we went to check out, the front desk was closed. Even though it was supposed to have 24 hr front desk- we had to wait until they came in, and we didn’t even pay yet.

The hotel workers finally arrived at 8:20 am, so we obviously missed our bus. We enjoyed a quick breakfast while we waiting for a taxi. The taxi cost 55 euros- and got us there just in time! Literally, as we got on the train, it pulled away. It was certainly a hectic morning, but things like that are a part of traveling. As much as you plan, somethings you just can’t plan for. I realize now that we should have taken care of the bill the night before to avoid this problem, but still, it happens.

We arrived in Rome around late afternoon and met up with Maggie and Justine. They spent the previous week in Malta enjoying some sunshine and island weather. Their day was even longer than ours, since they had arrived in Rome at 6:30 A.M that morning. That’s right- when we were just waking up, they were arriving in Rome.

Needless to say, we were all tired. We originally planned to go to the Vatican this day, but with the line and our luggage- we decided to skip it.

Instead we headed to our hostel, which was a country club (campground) outside of Rome. We took a 45 min metro ride and then a shuttle to the place. The place was pretty nice, but we wouldn’t reccomend it. Although it was cheaper than places in Rome, the time it took to get there wasn’t too nice.

We ate dinner at a restaurant at the hostel, and then crashed since we were so tired.

**A lot of the places visited on this leg of the trip I have seen before; I went to Italy in my junior year of high school. Part of the reason I wanted to go to Italy was not only to see new places, but also to revisit the place I’ve been and appreciate them better. Junior year, we went to Rome, Sorrento, Capris and Pompeii.**


Day 8  March 27, 2010

Rome in a day.

Most people will argue that you can’t do Rome in a day. Well, we did.

The only thing we missed was the Vatican, but we were okay with that. We decided to spend more time outside in the sunshine. We went to Circus Maximus, the Colloseum, the forum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps- and more!

The best part was most likely our Italian dinner- we sat at a nice outdoor restaruant, andenjoyed delicious italian food. We had musicians by our side, and of course finished it off with some gelato.

Rome = amazing.

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