Out of breath….

These last few weeks have left my head spinning…yet still overwhelmed with happiness. I really hope that when I return home the best days of my life will not be over. But that’s too disheartening to discuss.
Only arriving back into town, here in Perth, a couple days ago, my time has been prioritized around getting back on track. After being away from school for the past three weeks (for the two week semester break, followed by a geology field trip during the third week), I have to return back to the return of school. And I am absolutely happy about that, as it is that I am a routine type person. I must admit that I have quite a bit of catching up to do on my work, but it doesn’t consist of anything that I can’t handle. I will also be sure to write extra blogs in order to make up for the blogs that I wasn’t able to post while I was away. And I must admit, it gives me a good feeling to know that I have such a full plate – so much to do! I love that!
My return also re-engages my job search activity, which I am on the brink of giving up on; however, considering most places that I have submitted resumes to / had interviews are not intereted in hiring me since I am only here for a couple months. But I haven’t given up yet.
Perth is a great city, with much to do, contrary to what the people that live here say. I always jokingly tell them it’s because they don’t have an imagination. I never give myself the chance to feel bored. After having met and made so many friends from all over the world, it’s always easy to find something going on. That’s after I get all of my done, of course, which takes up plenty of time as it.

Over the break I headed out all over the city, and tried to take in a much as possible, such as checking out the art gallery, Subiaco (a beautiful city of its own and a side section of Perth), the museum, London Court and much more. I also had a day trip down to Fremantle, the famous and beautiful port where are the prisoners were first kept. I took the train down, and spent the day there with lovely Aussie friend, Rebekah, and checked out all the markets(from funky shops to farmers markets), cafe’s (where I had my first authentic aussie virgin drink: lemon, lime bitter – a really tasty soda) and much, much more. I even got to see the ever-popular “Little Creature’s” brewery; however, I was not able to get in because I did not have my passport on me that day. Next time…except next time I won’t need my passport because I finally have my proof of age card! YAY! Many of the venues here are very strict about proof of age documents, only accepting AU driver’s licenses, proof of age cards, or passports…not NYS driver’s licences. My first experience going out on the town here, months ago now, was quite a drawn out process. First of all, after travelling on buses and trains into the city with a large group of new found friends…taking almost an hour in itself…we finally arrived. And after waiting in line for almost as long, I was told by the bouncer that my NYS Id was insufficient. And crazy to some, I decided to head all the way back and for the passport…luckily I had a great friend by my side the whole time…smart enough not to do it alone. Finally making it back to the club, I was permitted access. I had a blast, but it can make one very conscience and paranoid to carry a passport on them (however seeminly stupid it may be). But we all had to do, as most of my friends are international…I just happened to miss the memo before hand. The point here, is that now I have my proof of age card, and no longer need to carry my passport on me when I go out. Such a good feeling to keep my passport locked up where it should be.
The second week of the break, I took a roadtrip roughly two-three hours south of Perth, with two friends that are from down that way. I was able to meet their families and pets (which made me miss mine). I have at least fifty pics on facebook from this excursion, but I have included on of me posing on the Donneybrook (apple country) sign:

For now I have to get back to my work, but shortly I will discuss my third week away, which consisted of a week long geology field trip down to the regions of Albany and Margaret River! Cheers, Ashley

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