It has been getting harder and harder to find time to come blog lately, so my posts become farther apart 🙁 . The longer the time I spend here, the more I end up doing and the less time I spend in my room. Which is not a problem for me at all! I actually could have got to this Saturday night or Sunday, but all of my vital objects were falling apart those days. It started off with my shower head breaking in my room, then the main waterline went so I couldn’t do my laundry or dishes, and it was topped off with the adapter for my computer being burnt out. But all that got fixed in one day, so it’s all better!

This past week was quite busy and I got a lot accomplished, in my activity section that is. Wednesday I finally got to the Prague zoo. It was full of childish fun, which had been lacking in my agenda lately. I was surprised to see how many animals were made of wood haha! I’m not sure why they had so many fake animals, but what they did have was good to see.

Thursday was… Aquapalace!!! Apparently there is an indoor water park just on the outskirts of the city. This I had to see. There were a good handful of water slides, each with varying degrees of aqua fun. There was one in particular that caught my radar, and it somewhat resembled a toilet bowl. Much of the rest of the park was large connections of pools and water ways, some being warmer than others. It was nice to get some water on my skin that wasn’t coming out of the wall.

Saturday me and a couple friends took a trip to Plzen, a town about an hours drive out of Prague. It is the birthplace of one of my more preferred beer styles, Pilsner! We spent most of the time at the Pilsner Urquell brewery because it was a rather large one. After the tour was done with, we ran off into town to explore as we heard there was a restaurant that served the delicious unfiltered, barrel aged brew that was served on the tour. After our long dinner discussions, we headed back for our train to have a night in Prague.

Sunday ended up being a perfect cap off to a good week. Friend of mine had organized a “barbie” as they liked to call it, and my tummy was prepared for a feast. Unfortunately, I was not prepared enough. I had only seen such masses of food at buffets. By the time we were done staring at the remains that couldn’t be forced down our gullets, there was still at least 3 kilos of meat and other sorts in the fridge unprepared!

Overall a darn good week I must say! I only hope that I can get some traveling done this coming weekend, because that volcano business is looking a bit gloomy.

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