The trickiest part of an interview

After days upon days of hot, arid heat, the sky finally released a shower of water and wind in a powerful thunderstorm. Unfortunately, not all of the tension for the moment was released. My anxieties still lingered that I was to encounter the following day. A part time job at Sizzler Restaurant didn’t seem so fierce, should the interview that preceded it; however, there was still a small detail in this chance for work that caused the knot in my stomach: I didn’t know the location of the interview meeting!
I received a phonecall Friday afternoon, in regards to the application that I had submitted a little more than a week before. The conversation was short and sweet, but too brief. As the gentleman on the other side of the line arranged the date and time for my interview session, there wasn’t any time for any other thoughts. So, after quickly agreeing to a 3pm appointment for the following Tuesday, the conversation was almost immediately haulted and brought to an end. With a spinning mind, I was overjoyed that I had gotten a bite.
It quickly occurred to me at that point that I had no idea where I was to go for the interview. It seemed that for some reason, that small detail was left out of the conversation. And as the number of the incoming call had not posted on my caller ID, I had to wait to find out that vital information until I was able to find a contact number. And this I did. When I finally had access to a computer, I found a 1800 number on the Sizzler website. Unfortunately, after countless unsuccessful phonecalls to Sizzler human resources, which is based on the other side of Australia in Brisbane, I had no other choice, but wait for human resources to return my call. Of course, if I didn’t plan ahead and make alternative arrangements, that waiting around would have rendered me helpless. So, I had to take my chances and google directions to the various Sizzler Restaurants around Perth and plan my trip so that I arrived early at one of them. In this way, at least if I arrived early enough, having face to face contact with an actual person, i could have been pointed in the right direction.
After having mapped out all of my potential destinations, I finally received a phone call from one of the Sizzler representatives, who finally gave me the information that I needed. Unfortunately, that shortly before I needed to leave, and not to mention, it also happened to be one of the furthest restaurant branches to get to.
Hopeful enough, and with no time to spare, I ran to the bus station…where I thought I was boarding the right bus. Unfortunately, the bus system can be quite confusing here in Perth. After having mastered the train system, I still find myself intangles when it comes to which bus line to choose. However, the bus I boarded had the correct number and location posted on its forescreen, as according to my googled directions. Unfortunately, things are never as they seem. Regardless of the fact that the bus posting matched my directions, it was an alternate route, and took me in the opposite direction of where I needed to be. This set me about forty five minutes behind schedule, but after contacting the manager of the particular restaurant that I was headed, with his understanding and generosity of time, it bought me some more time. Finally making it to a familiar place, the train station in the center of downtown Perth, I hopped on the Armadale line and headed Southwest of the city.
After roughly half hour ride, I finally reached Kelmscott, the final public transport destination. Now only having to depend of my eyes and feet to get me to my true final destination, this was much easier. And so, after a five minute walk, I reached the cool airconditioned Sizzler premise. Fortunatley, at mid-afternoon, the place was half empty. After a brief and fairly easy-going interview, I was back on the train, headed back towards the city. As the return journey proved to be much simpler, I had time to ponder over my potential to once again be employed. Trying to be optimistic, I looked over the other sets of directions that I had brought with, for much simpler and seemingly more successful alternative routes, and hoped that I would have a chance to use them on a return trip to the restaurant. The virtue of patience calls for my attention, and now must wait for that potential phone call…

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