First Trip!

Over the weekend I took my first trip out of the CZ, to Vienna!  The weather turned out to be phenomenal, and there were no delays in transit.  The hostel we stayed at was very nice, and modestly priced at 15 euro a night.  The staff was very welcoming, and we made good friends with the bartender.  Much of the time spent out and about was in museums.  Normally I’m all for it, but it seemed some of the dragged on due the the shear size of the buildings.

We went to the Museum of Military History in Arsenal (my favorite one, lots of guns), Belvedere (which had the painting of Napoleon on his horse, amazing), and the Hundert Wasser house (most of his paintings are abstract, but his architecture ideas are brilliant).  Belvedere consisted of a couple of gardens, one of them being massive, many statues and sculptures, and the museum inside.  While we there there the sun was shining all day, so it was quite relaxing to roam around the garden as the clouds strolled by.

My only qualms with the trip would be lack of planning on our part.  The city was beautiful, although rather flat.  If anyone goes to Vienna, I highly suggest saving the museum trips for Sunday because, most of the town’s shops and activities are closed then.  Unfortunately we made the mistake of doing museums Friday and Saturday and looking around town Sunday.  It seemed a bit rushed but all in all I had a good time.

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