Finally have a functioning kitchen.

For a good two weeks I was surviving off the breakfast provided, a small sandwich for lunch, and going out to eat.  It was not easy on the wallet, but it was good for my tummy.  For the most part, I’m o.k. with it.  Part of the reason I came the CZ was to explore the food and beverage.  Sunday was my last food adventure I am going to allow myself for a while.  Although, The Fat Koala had delicious food and pints, but the Czech Republic was the last place I expected to eat kangaroo for the first time.

All of that was good and fun but thanks to Zuzana, the dorm mother (one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met), I finally got some pots and pans to get back into the cooking habit.  I am use to a gas stove whilst I cook, but the hot plates in the kitchenette are quite difficult to prepare rice on.  There are two settings: off and dangerous, so there is no way to “simmer” a pot for 20 minutes.  Zuzanna also showed us a great gallery at the DOX over the weekend (pictures will come soon).

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