1st week of class

This week was the start of the manditory Czech language intensive class.  Fortunately for me, I require language courses to graduate this semester so, the 5 hours is not so grueling as would be for those who don’t.  The language is a little more difficult than I thought it would be, with 7 conjugations….for each sex, for a total of 14 in some cases!  Actually being able to use what you learned is a good source of motivation as well.  I remember when I was taking German last semester, I had little incentive to study / practice what I was learning.

When I wasn’t dragging knuckles in class this week, I was trying to explore the city more and find some things that I researched from home, one of them being a climbing gym.  This is still a mission yet to be accomplished, it is either hidden in gaggle of courtyards that are in every city block, it has shut down recently, or even moved.  Whatever, there are others and I will find one…..eventually.

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