Brand New Suit

I apologize in advance if I’m beating a dead horse here, but material things are the most exciting part of China. I mean everything is so damn cheap here. Don’t believe what my profile says, I am not a Chemistry Major. I am actually a business major, but a poor business major. I needed to get a suit, but I can’t afford nice ones back home. In China, however, a decent custom made suit will cost you about 700 kuai ($102 American). You best believe that in my last weeks here I got myself one. Forgive me for the flattery, but I feel I look quite classy. 🙂

Below are picks of me in my new attire:




Hey, everybody! My names Liam, and right now I'm living a dream that I didn't think would come true. I am living in China, studying at Nanjing University for a full ten months. Don't ask me why I wanted it so badly, I've just always been drawn to the culture. Europe sounded too comfortable to me, and there are so many chances for growth and adventure in this country. As for me I like finding a good adventure outside of the mainstream, having a challenge, and reading a few books (at once) when I get the free time.

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