The Great Odyssey Continued…

Throughout the rest of the trip we pretty much switched from hiking to beaches… both white sand and black- both beautiful. The beaches often looked out into the ocean or into a beautiful torquoise-blue sea with islands in view, white-capped crashing waves along sharp but gorgeously shaped rocks, and tall, naturally carved cliffs with tall, twisting trees growing off the edges.

one of the beaches we checked out

One night, we had found a camp ground with about a 200 meter walk to the beach, and the girls all decided to spend the night on the beach, gazing up to the starry sky that stretched from horizon to horizon. It was like nothing I’d ever seen. One constellation that is actually familiar down here is Orion and his belt. Both hemispheres apparently share the Great Hunter in the sky. We woke up the next morning and took a refreshing swim in the Southern Pacific ocean before we met up with the guys again and continued on our adventure.

Eventually we made it back down to Napier, known for its art deco and wineries. We spent our last two nights in a really great backpackers place right outside of Napier on a port. The last morning, Aurora, Solny and I woke up a 5:30 to catch the last sunrise of our trip across a black sand beach.

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