Just for Kicks…

Some Panoramas!
(Afterall, who doesn’t like to look at pictures??)

I just thought it would be fun to post up some panoramas of New Zealand that I’ve made:

This is (most of) the city of Wellington! The picture is taken from Mt. Victoria- the highest point in Wellington- AND where a good deal of the Hobbit footage was shot (You know that tree they hid beneath when the dark rider came? That’s on Mt. Victoria!

my city!

So, that’s the city that I live in… and THIS is the building that I live in! The closeup is from some place in the center of the second image from the right. That’s Stafford house! (minus the bright green outline)

my building!

Just a bit more proof of the amount of sheep here… on some beautiful hills. This is only a small portion of the amount of sheep that I’ve seen here so far…

sheep everywhere!

Kapiti Coast is one of the big scenic attractions on the north island. On our way up to the Ironman in Taupo that super windy weekend, we stopped along Kapiti coast in a random town for dinner. It was so windy, though that we ended up eating in the car after we took in the view. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best of panoramas… it’s suppose to be straight, not curved- my bad! But you can still get a sense of how beautiful it was along there.


And here’s another view (on a different day) of Kapiti Coast! And from higher up… From a different point and on an absolutely clear day, you can see the South Island across the sea!

kapiti coast

This is a manual panorama that I took as Solny wrote in the sand on The Great Odyssey Adventure…

booooy do I ever...

AND this is another Manual one that I took while we were up in Coromandel. I hiked up to the top of this breathtaking lookout- to the left is Tairua Harbor (I think..) and to the right is the Pacific Ocean!

at Coromandel

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