Greetings From London, Mates!

Well, I’m finally here! It’s my third full day in Kingston and it has been quite an experience so far. The flight on Virgin Atlantic was great; I had a row of seats to myself, watched Wallace and Gromit, and had an amazing view of the atmosphere. My arrival at Heathrow aiport was smooth and I got to my place residence in Kingston rather quickly.

Middle Mill

I live in a student housing complex called Middle Mill which is in a great location. It is close to the town centre as well as my classes. There are eight people to a flat in my building, and all of the rooms are singles. I live with two other American girls, two British girls, and three British guys. They are all very friendly, inviting and good company! I have joined them on social outings to the pub where we’ve played pool and discussed our humorous cultural differences.

These past few days have been a lot to take in! Still somewhat jet-lagged, I’m slowly getting settled in. My emotions have been up and down, as they should be, with such a life altering experience. The concept of “Study Abroad” suddenly became a reality. I’m not just in London for a visit, but here for five months. That realization, often called culture shock, was a little bit frightening at first but I’m becoming more comfortable with it.
Talk to you all again soon!

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  1. sherry lipson

    This is the best way for me to get the latest info- keep up the good work

  2. Abby

    AMY!!!! I’m so excited to read your first blog! I was watching a documentary about the Great Wall of China and when the narrator mentioned Ghengis Khan, I burst out laughing. Hehehehe! TTYL!

  3. Judy Lipton

    Hi Amy,
    I love reading your blog. We will be in London May 4 to May 10. Will you still be there? Can we get together? We would love to see you when we are in London.
    Enjoy school. Don’t study too hard. Keep on writing.



  4. kat

    Amy, I was just reading your blog as i have to write a blog for my assignment and I live at Middle Mill too hope u enjoy staying here as much as i do

  5. sherry lipson

    I love the diary that you are keeping and am living through your travels with you. i expect to learn a lot too about England and about you.
    Love, Mom


    Hey, Amy, All, Looks very cool. My only question is are you keeping up your drawing and such? have a terrific time. What a great opportunity !!! Love from all !!

  7. hey, amy. i’m deidre, and i used to live in F2 last semester. maybe we can get in touch, my aim is crazygrl3h. i hope you’re treating my old f block crew well, they are an amazing bunch and the best friends i have ever made in my life. have fun and keep in touch!

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