Big plans

The next couple of weeks should be really fun.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a road trip to Croatia. I’m not entirely sure what the travel plans are, but I am putting my trust in my traveling companions. I’m just glad to have the opportunity to drive along the sea. I miss the open water so any way that I get down to the Adriatic is good for me. Off to adventure!

We’ll be back Sunday, then that Wednesday is my friend Pavel’s concert. We’ve worked together for years, and heard about his band, who have been on the Top 10 on radio down in Brno, their hometown. His website is though it’s all in Czech. The concert should bring together a lot of my Czech friends from camp, as well as a couple of folks from my dorm. We’ll have a fun evening of music and merriment and be up until all hours of the morning since the following day is Students Day, a national holiday commemorating the student demonstrations against Nazi occupation and also the demonstration that sparked the Velvet Revolution.

The next day, Friday the 18th, sends me down to Italy for five days. Mike has managed to get the entire week off from work, so we’ll be able to travel around and see the sights of Italy. Get in some trouble too. (Trouble in sense of adventure…no legal troubles, of course)

That’s the month of November for the most part. Excitement galore.

Equally exciting to all of this is that the Astronomical Clock, which has been closed for repairs since I got here, will finally be reopened. Two weeks ahead of schedule even. Another item off of the checklist of Typical Tourist Things to Do/See in Prague. It’s a short list, as far as Typical Tourism is concerned, but I’ve been going through it slowly so that I can fully enjoy all of it.

Speaking of which, I crossed off another item on the list last night. My suitemate Marc and I were supposed to go see an opera for our Czech Music class, but unfortunately, there was some confusion and we got to the box office shortly after it closed. Which is funny because we had meant to go to a classical music concert the day before but found out too late that the schedule had changed November 1st so the concerts start an hour and a half earlier. Which meant that he had no other choice but to go get a drink. Had a good time with him though…quite the guy. During the week break, he went to Romania by himself. To hike. In the woods. The kid is getting some good stories out of life, and I have to admire that. Always enjoy hearing his stories.

Without opera tickets, I suggested we go check out one of the Black Light Theatre shows that are relatively famous in Prague. We found a theatre off of Wenceslas Square and saw Faust. In black light. Definitely an experience. I had been curious (or maybe concerned) as to the language of the play, since it is very much a tourist destination, it could be in any number of languages and be perfectly expected. Little did I think that their answer to that problem would be to minimize the actual speech, and what speech there was would be in several languages. It was really impressive in how well it meshed into the story telling. But even without many words, it was a fun performance full of classical pantomime. I really wish I could have seen it when I was a child to enhance the magic of black light theatre.

In other news, I’ve been identified as a regular at Kava Kava Kava. They asked me to join their Kava Club since I am here all the time. I haven’t been called out like this since the folks at Convenient Deli in New Paltz started knowing what I would order before I said it. Always nice to feel welcomed.

That’s all for now. I need to get packing. Next post will have me outside the Czech Republic in a nation I never thought I would visit but am excited about more than I thought I ever could be.

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