It’s beginning to look a lot like Tesco…

With the drop in temperature, I realize that I should have packed warmer clothing.

Before I came here, I had one picture in my head about weather in the Czech Republic. This one:
Not my picture of snowy Prague, but it fits the bill
Snow. Year round. Lots of it.

Okay, maybe not exactly. But I figured it would be very cold and snow quite a bit. Of course, this was based entirely on movies and television and no actual research. I hadn’t even asked any of my Czech friends. It somehow just never came up.

So when I actually did find out about Czech winter weather being reasonably mild and not nearly as cold as I thought it would be, I realized that I had no idea what to pack. So basically, I didn’t.

I packed the basics for me, which include shorts, t-shirts, some corduroys, a few thermal sweatshirts and not a whole lot of cold weather stuff. My plan was to just buy the colder weather stuff as I needed it. This way I didn’t overpack, and I would be properly equipped for the weather after a short delay.

Not exactly the best plan, but it’s the one I went with.

The reason I bring this up is because of three seperate events.

  1. I was quite cold coming home from Kava today.
  2. I had dressed for the day, neglecting the fact that I would be returning at night. It tends to get colder at night.

  3. My friend Vicky, who is up in England, asked me if it was snowing here yet.
  4. She may have been joking, but I suppose it’s a decent guess. I thought it would be snowing by now.

  5. The Prague store of the international super-giant-market Tesco (think Target or Walmart) has chosen today, a day in the third week of October, to put up “Seasonal” decorations on the outside of their building.
    It starts so soon...Tesco getting outfitted for the holidays

    It was entertaining to watch these men repell down the side of the building as they went about their business, but I do have to say a little something inside me died. I thought it was kind of ridiculous that my hometown would put up these types of decorations before Thanksgiving, and here it is before Halloween and the decorations are going up.

I suppose I shouldn’t let this affect my view of Prague, but rather my view of Tesco. They’re already lumped in with Target and Walmart in my book, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Disclaimer: I mean no offense with my comments on Walmart and Target. They are both very successful businesses and worthy of commendation for their rapid growth and increased market share.

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  1. Meagan

    Hey Tom – I didn’t know you were in the Czech Republic but I just have to say, that is VERY cool. My ex-boyfriend is from Prague. He and his girlfriend go to school somewhere in the city. I’ve always wanted to visit. Hope you have fun!

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