Balconies and wardrobes

The view from my balcony

My roommate Jeff and I have a balcony. However, our balcony has been terribly under utilized. This is due, in part, to the fact that despite being blessed with one of the only usable balconies in the building, we are also cursed with quite possibly the smallest room in the building, with the exception of the closets and bathrooms.

Since we are still a double occupancy room, we get the standard issue double issue of desks, double issue of non-bunkable beds, double issue of (thankfully) stackable dressers and one big honking wardrobe. Due to the size and shape of these various pieces of furniture as well as the physical constraints of the shape of the room and the placement of the radiator and electrical outlets, there is exactly one configuration for this room that leaves any space to walk around. That configuration places the big honking wardrobe directly in front of the door to our balcony, thus cutting us off from our randomly selected right to stand outside without having to technically leave the building.

As Arthur Schopenhauer said: Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.

So it was that things changed.

Before Jeff left to go to Germany for the week, we had a Crazy American Cleaning Party. This consisted of playing 80’s Music and discovering all sorts of atrocities underneath various piles of accumulated items. The benefits of this are almost too numerous to list. Definitely something roommates should partake in on a semi-regular basis. Especially when one roommate has spent the past two years living with self-proclaimed “gutter punks” who had been known to leave food laying on the floor to the point of infestation. I’m not pointing any fingers, especially not at my roommate, whom I have a wonderful working relationship with and is very kind and considerate and entertaining. By the way, I am unsure if he reads this.

After finding the floor in various parts of the room which had not seen the light of day in weeks, and getting the room into not only a presentable state, but a down-right clean one, we realized that now was the ideal time to relocate our big honking wardrobe. And so we did. Right next door, where they have plenty of room for wardrobes. We could probably put two or three more in there, if we had them. The guys next door wouldn’t mind. But regardless, our wardrobe is now next door.

And I’m loving it.

Sunlight fills the room on a regular basis, and, more importantly, we can now walk out and sit and watch the sunset through the gaps between buildings.

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