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Posted by Loretta at 11:47 pm on Friday, January 20, 2012
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There’s so much I haven’t covered…and I guess that’s for a reason. I don’t want to spoil the experience for those considering studying in Thailand. Thailand is a place to have to visit and experience because it is hard to describe/explain. Four the past 4 months I reflected daily.I haven’t been blogging often because I wanted to fully immerse myself in the culture without losing focus. But now I’m available to answer all questions. On my journey I’ve learned so much about myself and ways of dealing with people different from me. I came back to America a different person; my views on life have change completely. I’m happy I had the opportunity…at first I was nervous to leave my comfort zone but I must admit the experience was worth it. I had the opportunity to visit countries surrounding Thailand … Cambodia and Myanmar known as Burma. I made some wonderful friends. My first time abroad made realize how much I love to travel…It’s my new passion :)

For those considering study abroad…Go for it what do you have to lose. Absolute nothing but there’s so much to learn ;)

* If you have question you would like to ask feel free to email me at N01473566@@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu

Special thanks to The Center for International Program, Carlton Rounds,  Clara Kelly- EOP advisor and Pamela Vivanco.

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