Study Abroad and Make a Difference in Others Lives

Posted by Loretta at 1:41 pm on Friday, November 4, 2011
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I volunteer in two of the many placements in available through The International Partnership for Service Learning and Leadership program. My placements are The Healing Family Foundation and Kawila Anukul School. I have learned so much about children and adults with intellectual disabilities. At the Kawila Anukul School I teach Basic English to children with Autism and Down syndrome; and also work close with an occupational therapist to learn more about the disorders. At The Healing Family Foundation I teach Basic English and also engage in many art projects with the Artists. (The members of the organization are very talented and skilled, so they call themselves Artists). At first I was nervous about teaching English, I had no experience. Over time I realized that it didn’t matter and the students are eager learn any English and value your efforts for teaching them. Honestly, that is why I enjoy volunteering abroad. I’m making a difference in other lives 

The "Artist" taught me how to weave a scarf. They are very Talented

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