Posted by Amina at 5:39 am on Friday, April 3, 2009
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A few days later, and I am now settled in my dorm with my Internet set up! Orientation has been taking up a lot of my time – it sounds boring, but it’s really great to meet new people and get a grip on the area! Although I admit I was, at first, a bit nervous to meet new people, it’s been wonderful: one of the best things about study abroad is that everyone in the program has a similar interest in the area, so making friends is natural.

I’ll be staying in the women’s dormitory – アンペロス (literally: “Anperosu”) – though a majority of my friends are in home stay. If the option is available, I highly recommend choosing to live with a family, especially if a foreign language is being studied; this way, you’re surrounded by it all the time. (Personally, I chose the women’s dormitory because my various allergies and dietary restrictions would inconvenience a family.)

Nagasaki, thus far, is beautiful (this word, honestly, sums up a lot about Japan). It’s very mountainous, so I’m certainly getting my exercise in. Of course, public transportation is readily available; however, saving money and seeing the neighborhoods is more beneficial right now!

Anyway, a group of us are about to go explore some more! I think we’re seeing a shrine – look forward to pictures! Talk to you soon!

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Comment by Mary Ellen

April 13, 2009 @ 1:49 pm

It sounds like you’re having a great time! Useful to know how mountainous Nagasaki is – if I ever go there I’ll make sure to pack comfy walking shoes.

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