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I just thought I’d update to tell you guys about some movies I’ve seen recently. Why am I thinking this would be an interesting subject for the blog, you ask? Because, my friends, none of the movies I’ve recently seen have been American. How refreshing!

On my birthday my friend Liam and I went to see St. Trinian’s, which is British. We both fell for the poster: bright colors, fun fonts, cheeky-looking school girls. It was about some off the wall girl’s school that was in danger of bankruptcy should the aforementioned pupils leave it to the big, dumb grownups to take care of business! I never expected it to be a masterpiece, but the plot (which could have been concocted by a fourth grader) didn’t carry, and the editing (which could’ve been perfected by that fourth grader’s twin sibling) was all over the place. However, Liam and I were the only ones in the entire theater, so we vented our frustrations in voices louder than typically heard in a movie theater. Sometimes a bad movie can be so dismal that it’s fun.

Next was a rental watched in a dark room, a bunch of us squished onto the bed:Death at a Funeral.  Can’t you just smell the irony? It was another British one, but this one was really good. I have to admit, British humor sometimes fails me. But I’m starting to change my mind. Tracy and I were pretty much in guffaws throughout. It’s about–duh–a funeral, which sets the scene for a bunch of little mishaps that snowball together to ultimately explode into what was a surprisingly heartwarming climax. If you rent it, take note of Uncle Alfie, the grumpy old man. He was my favorite. I always love to see elderly actors embracing the roles of real nasty, grouchy, old people, because it shows they’ve got a real keen sense of humor. Which, now that I think about it, actually does quite a bit to combat ageism. But anyway.

Last (because it was the best) is The Black Balloon. Brandon, Casey and I were having a super-laid back, mopey weekend, and one of the reviews for this movie promised we’d “laugh as much as we cried,” or something to that extent. Obviously we were drawn in like moths on your computer screen at 2 am when you’re trying to write a blog….

Ah, killed it.

Anywho, the movie did just what it promised. And this one was 100% utterly Australian, which I didn’t know going into it. All Australian actors, Aussie slang, Aussie companies. Toni Collette (mom from Little Miss Sunshine) and supermodel Gemma Ward (mistress of Vogue as of late) were both in it, as well as others I didn’t recognize. It focused on a 15 year-old boy and how he deals with his family, specifically his 13 year-old, severely autistic brother. It was one of those films where you’re just crying and crying at the end because it’s happy and it’s sad and it’s beautiful all in one. And then you walk outside and feel a little lighter, even though it feels like now you can recognize and physically feel all of the universe’s magnitude and possibility pressing down on you from the sky.

Kinda like that…if you’re psychotically analytical of your emotions. Ahem. But yeah, try and find a way to see it eventually.

Oh, also, Brandon and I are going on our third day of the cleanse. He just IM’ed me with “I want Outback steakhouse cheese fries. What are your feelings?”

The cravings are supposed to go away tomorrow.

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