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Posted by Corey at 1:40 pm on Tuesday, March 11, 2008
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I had been thinking of seriously getting a tattoo for over a year, and had discussed it with a friend here that also had wanted to get a symbol for balance and equilibrium for over 2 years. I had already been to a consultation at Bonpland St, a kind of mini-mall that’s filled with different tattoo shops. I went when other friends of mine got tattoos a couple of months ago, but I didn’t like the drawing the tattoo artist did, so I ended up not having it done. But as of last week, I officially had it done! I went with the friend, and we both got all black designs, both discreet and small-ish, and we’re both really happy with how they turned out. It’s a little scary getting something so permanent done, especially when you have to explain what you want in a language that’s not your own, but overall it went really well. 20 minutes and it was over. The only problem now is the itching! I can’t wait for that to be over, it’s been driving me crazy. The only thing you can do is put on lotion, scratching it is forbidden. Hopefully with another week I’ll be doing good.


Switched to a new gym here, Megatlon. They have a Nike Rockstar Workout that I really hope I can find once I’m back in the States. It’s going to be so weird to go to classes in English that don’t blast Electronica music.

I really like working at Hard Rock. It’s a lot easier to wait on people here than at home, everyone is a lot less demanding, there’s no constant refilling of the drinks, and in general, a lot less guess-work. If someone wants something, they flag you over. You don’t have to guess if they want the check, or something else to eat, they’ll let you know. The tips are less, both in that Argentine’s don’t believe in tipping much, and the dollar is worth less, but it’s still a fun place to work. Last night one of my work friends was giving me a lesson on Spanish slang. Complete with pictures and situations where you would use the word. Needless to say, very entertaining. “Quilombo” essentially means disorder, but the explanation I got was “when you walk into work and you have to take 10 tables, Flor and Lili (waitresses) are dancing on the bar, and Ramon (the barman) is playing the guitar.” Not only do I get paid, I also get free classes! Que bueno!

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Comment by Penny

March 13, 2008 @ 7:33 am

Well? Let’s see a photo of your new tattoo!!!

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