Snorkeling…and I can´t even swim…

Posted by Diana at 1:28 pm on Monday, February 11, 2008
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    Oh the things I do! This weekend I along with 8 other international students spent three days exploring the beaches and islands along the Ruta del Sol (around Machililla). We had an amazing guide who took us snorkeling. We took a small yacht out to the ocean and jumped off by some rocky islands. The water was maybe 15 feet deep…now that may not seem like that much but for someone like me who does not know how to swim, that´s pretty terrifying. I was given a life jacket of course and although I was always floating, I had some moments of panic…but I survived! I was able to see some schools of fish and coral. Underwater life is truly amazing. I´m glad I was able to get a peek of it.

I have been to Salinas and Montañita (the more popular beaches in Ecuador), but none compare with the beauty I saw this weekend. I even got the chance to see blue-footed boobies! This was one of the best trips I´ve been on so far.  It was a very relaxing…and much needed trip. The first day we bathed in mud in an extinct crater of a volcano…it was quite the experience. The mud was incredibly soft and felt good against my skin. We then got a fifteen minute full body massage with aloe (straight from the plant!). After that we hopped in a thermal bath. I was told the hot water was heated by the center of the earth…I don´t know how that works exactly but boy did it feel good. The second day of the trip was mostly snorkeling and visiting beaches. The last day was zip lining. This was also a first for me. We did four zip lines and I had trouble stoping on two of them. On one occasion I collided with one of the guides. It was painful only because I fell on my back which had been sunburned…other than that it was really fun. I love getting my adrenaline going…the rush is great. I guess that explains why I throw myself in deep waters when I can´t even swim!

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Comment by Jessica Sztaimberg

April 8, 2008 @ 5:13 pm

It sounds like you are having a really good time abroad! Taking risks, and doing things you might not have thought to do back home(or don’t have the option to do- such as visit a Volcano) are a GREAT part of studying abroad! The opportunities seem endless for life changing experiences, and are not just things that you do and then never talk about again. These are memories that will last with you for the rest of your life, and I am sure that you have many photos to go along with them! Take advantage of your surroundings, and experience the most you can while you are there- you won’t regret it! Good luck, and I hope to hear more about your adventures!

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