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Posted by Lauren at 3:03 pm on Thursday, January 11, 2007
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Hey all. Right now I’m at a ridiculously expensive internet cafe in Southwark waiting to see the play The Enchanted Pig at the Young Vic theatre.  We’ve done so many things this past week and I’m sorry I haven’t had a free moment to even go on the internet, plus places close super early here.  I’ll write what we did each day:

Sunday: We went to see Big Ben, Parliament, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey.  We walked through the cloisters at the abbey, and took tons of pictures.  I had the best hot dog of my entire life from a street vendor.  Then we took the tube to Tower Hill, and took a guided tour of the Tower of London, which was amazing.  We saw the Tower Bridge, which is my favorite thing so far and also saw the ice skatin rink by the tower of London.  We got to see the crown jewels there and also the ravens that stay on the grass there.

Monday: Had our first theatre class which was interesting and then our first play- Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward theatre. It was amazing but much bleaker than the movie.  After that we met up with some of the art students from Burton (Dave, Adam, Zeil) and went to Moonlighters- a club right on Greek Street in Soho.  We stayed there for awhile and then took the bus back for the first time. It met at Trafalgar Square which is beautiful with huge statues. I want to go back there during the day and ride the lion statues!  We sat on the top of the double decker bus which was really cool. Oh and in class we got our London Secrets group which is going to be our joint project with the art students.  I have Margot, Casey, and Jackie in my group and we’re going to do a photo collage.  Our London secret was that our person hated their hairdryer not working and thought that the stairs leading to the tube were like entering the depths of hell.  I don’t know…we’re going to work something out with it.

Tues: Today we had our group meeting for London secrets at 10 am in Burton.  We figured out a plan of what we’re going to do.   After that my flatmate Michelle’s friend from London (James) came to visit us, so we went to 2 pubs w/him.  I find it amazing how you can walk into a pub at 11 am and there’s tons of people packed in there drinking pints.  After that we got fish and chips again at a snackbar and walked around by the British museum alittle.  Later on, we met up with James again and saw the London eye at night.  We walked along the south bank which is beautiful at night and all lit up.  We got good picture of St. Pauls.  Then we went to the National Theatre to see Therese Raquin which was an absolutely amazing play.  I loved it, it was very intense though.  It’s great because they sell tiny things of ice cream during the intermission and it’s delicious!  We went back to the flat after and caught up with some homework.

Wednesday: Class 10-1, got lunch in a cute cafe, went to Leicester Square to get discounted tickets for Rocky Horror Show, got AMAZINg seats for only 25 pounds, then Chalyn, Becca and I went to the Clink Prison Museum on the South Bank.  It was really cool and had a good student discount.  we also saw the Millenium Bridge and the globe theatre. Later on we saw Rocky Horror show and it was so much fun, everyone was dressed up and dancing. 

Thurs (today): we went to breakfast at a little place near our flat, then went to meet up with the group at the Globe theatre for our backstage tour and workshop.  It was amazing and much smaller than I thought it would be.  We even got to stand on the stage!  Then we went to the Tate Modern which is right next door, went down the huge slides, and walked over to this cute little italian restaurant and got dinner.  Now we’re next door to the Young Vic and about to go see the Enchanted Pig which is a pantomime sort of reminiscint of Beauty and the Beast.  They’re waiting for me so I better go!#



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Comment by Heather

January 11, 2007 @ 3:10 pm

ahhh!i miss you Laur and it seems like you’re having alot of fun. Have a safe trip back and I’ll see soon.

Comment by Uncle Michael

January 13, 2007 @ 9:39 pm

Hey Lauren,

It sounds like you’re having a ball! Enjoy your last week and I’ll call you next weekend to hear about all your adventures. You better have a few good ones to share and if not, start making some up. Have a safe trip home and I’ll speak to you later.


Uncle Mike

Comment by Mum

January 17, 2007 @ 10:41 am

Hey Laur –

So happy you’re having a wonderful time. We all miss you, including Gus who has scratched himself up and desperately needs a nail clipping! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night and hearing about all of your adventures, including drinking in a pub with California guys. Have a safe trip home.
Love you,

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